By legend, this city was associated with Argos of Peloponnese. Its inhabitants believed they were the decendants of Argean migrants who founded Kourion.
One of the main features of the city's ruins is a large temple, most likely dedicated to the worship of Hera, the principal deity of Argos.

Like Amathus to the east, Kourion was built on the coastal cliffs, above the fertile valley of the river Kouris.  Thus far, excavations at Kourion have yielded the monumental amphitheatre, an early Christian basillica, a Nymphaeum, various 'Houses' featuring fabulous mosaic work as well as the public baths of the city.

Somewhat to the west, the city's forum and the spectacular 'Sanctuary of Apollo' have also been excavated.

A large monumental tomb, most likely belonging to king Stasanor and his family was excavated in the necropolis during 1990 and 1991.

Continuing excavations regularly unearth ruins and artifacts from the Hellenistic and Roman eras.

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