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Welcome to Cyprus – the island of Hospitality and Discovery!

Known as the "Island of Aphrodite," the goddess of love, it's no wonder our Mediterranean island remains a leading destination for a special holiday all year round.

With more than 10,000 years of human history—seen in spectacular mosaics dating back to 4 B.C., palace ruins, and the incredible Kourion amphitheatre located on a cliff-top over the sea—Cyprus can be covered from tip to tip in three hours' time by car.

All major towns, save the capital of Nicosia, boast magnificent beaches with warm weather year round. In winter months, you can ski in the mountains and then come down to Limassol—45 minutes by car—and swim in the sea. The Troodos Mountains tower nearly 2,000 metres above sea level and offer spectacular views, nine Byzantine churches and picturesque monasteries to explore – all with their own individual character.

Many tourist attractions are rich in mythology, with other famous facets from the island including olive oil, zivania (made from a mixture of grape pomace and local dry wines), the Cypriot dessert wine commandaria, brandy, lacework, and wine.

The unique variety of food on offer attracts thousands of tourists each year - dishes that you can't quite find anywhere else in the world!

Drawn from sources all around the Eastern Mediterranean, salads, fruits and meat dishes are popular amongst locals and tourists.

Traditional Cypriot dishes are served up in a “Meze”. This is a very popular feast with a combination of up to 20 small dishes of just about everything which means you get to sample a bit of everything.


Incoming Packages
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