International Road Transport (T.I.R)


International Road Transport (T.I.R)


C.I.R (Cyprus International Roads Ltd) is a specialist in Road Transportation of all types of Cargo, Reefer or dry as well as oversize equipment. The wide range of equipment supported by professional and experienced personnel monitoring the cargo movement 24 hours, 365 days, guarantees reliable, safe and fast transportation of goods which can easily match each customer's expectations.

The transportation of goods is covered by C.M.R terms & conditions and the Company complies fully with European safety, health and environmental regulations.

The Company owns a modern fleet of tractive units (euro5 , euro6), refrigerated trailers (single or dual temperature) as well flat platforms, tilt and mega trailers.

C.I.R runs a weekly service with full and groupage trailers carrying refrigerated or dry cargo from Europe to Greece / Cyprus / Israel and v.v.. Specifically the company operates door to door with a transit time varying from 2 to 7 days, to/from the following destinations: 

  • U.K.
  • North – East France
  • Belgium
  • Holland
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Italy
  • Greece


Our fleet is consisted of:

  • Tructive Units
  • Refrigerate Trailers
  • Tilt Trailers
  • Mega - Tilt Trailers
  • Flat Platforms


  • CSA (Cyprus Shipping Association)      
  • CCCI (Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry)
  • CSC (The Cyprus Shipping Chamber)
  • OEB (Cyprus Employers and Industrialists Federation)
  • Cyprus Forwarding Association
Certified by:
EN ISO 9001:2008
No. : 010140689

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