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Salamis Shipping Services Ltd, is a member of Salamis Organisation offering a complete range of Shipping and Transport solutions under one roof.

With an excellent reputation built with over 60 years of experience, our trained and dedicated teams hold the expertise to identify and execute client-specific transport solutions, tailored to each customer’s needs and expectations.

The flexible operations of Salamis Shipping Services with local offices across Cyprus, and our affiliate company in Piraeus, - Salamis Shipping S.A.  – guarantee a dedicated, time-sensitive, quality services.

Acting as port operators and port agents for third-party vessels, Salamis Shipping Services offers a suite of parallel services including cruise vessels, bulk carriers, container ships and tankers, calling  at Cyprus Ports or at Anchorage.

Our continued vision drives to the establishment of Cyprus as a crossroad connecting the East Mediterranean, Greece, and the rest of Europe.

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