Cruise Vessels and Yachts


Cruise Vessels and Yachts


Leading Global Cruise Liners trust our knowhow of port and tourist services. Our team has a considerable experience in this sector providing cruise and yachts services at all Cyprus ports. Also hold expertise for agency representation and technical management in the yachting sector. 

The remarkable coordination of our services which are extended to the ports and airports, give the easy and safe selection to our principals for crew changes and passengers changes at any time, or ordering supplies and spare parts for the needs of their cruise vessels or yachts.  

Shipping Services provide:

  • Port Agency
  • Port & Terminal Operations - Passengers Handling
  • Customs & Port Authority Formalities & Documentation 
  • Crew Change & Immigration Formalities
  • Transfers
  • Medical Assistance 
  • Airport Handling
  • Sightseeing Tours: Bus, Private Taxi & Limousine
  • Provisions Supply, Water, Charts
  • Bunkering, Lubricants, Ships' Spare Parts etc.
Certified by:
EN ISO 9001:2008
No. : 010140690
EN ISO 14001:2004
No. : 04014158
OHSAS 18001:2007
No. : 20116141404631

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